Welcome to the Great Reading Adventure! Sign up and log your reading to enjoy adventures, take on challenges, earn badges, and attend events! This summer's theme is Build a Better World.  What does it take to "Build a Better World"?  Building a Better World may be personal or global. Get started and earn points and prizes!

Reading for 30 minutes a day helps build a strong lifelong reading habit.

Students who don't read over the summer lose 4-6 months of academic gains they made this year!

  • How long will this program run? June 12 - August 14, 2017
  • Earn Badges by doing challenges and logging your reading; you also earn points when you do a challenge!
  • Attend Virtual Author Events to earn badges and points with a secret code announced at the program.
  • Read & log your books and earn points: 30 minutes = 30 points!

For more information about these resources, visit www.kas.tw/lib!

While you're there, go on a journey of discovery! Visit fabulous destinations such as Hogwarts, Narnia, Oz, and Middle Earth!

The program ended Friday, September 29, 2017
See you next year!
Sponsored by your Kaohsiung American School Library!

Read 30 minutes a day to keep up your reading skills! Write a book review: login to your KAS Library account to write a book review on any of our books!